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Most Popular Kenwood Radios

Portable Radios



TK-2200/3200 ProTalk 2 Watt Portable Radio

Economical portable available in 2 & 8 channel VHf or 15 channel UHF. 2 watts RF output on Pre-programmed channels. Includes Li-Ion battery and charger. Great for wharehouse, retail, hosptality uses.

TK2312/3312 VHF/UHF Portable with Display

Full featured, yet economical!. VHF & UHF models, both 5 Watts, 128 channels capacity, Priority scan, front display with channel naming. 7 front panel "soft" keys, 2 side keys, High and Low power mode selectable. Comes with Li-Ion battery and rapid charger

TK2302/3302 5 Watt VHF/UHF Portable Radio

Great high powered, programmable radio for a low price! 4 Watts UHF, 5 Watts VHF, 16 channels, two soft keys, single priority scan,Comes with Li-Ion battery with rapid charger.